panorama Cloud

Make your every day routine spectroscopic data analysis and evaluation workflows become easy to use tools. You are just a few clicks away from your tailored spectroscopy app doing exactly what you like.
Save your personal, recurring data evaluation workflows as a spectroscopy app.
It is so easy to use!

The user interface is similar to a web browser's. Contents are arranged in multiple tabs or windows having individual contexts. This way you can easily focus on each context as desired.
The navigation bar gives you direct access to your data just by typing its name. Recently used data folders on your hard disc or spectral libraries are scanned automatically. So you no longer need to take care, where your data might be located. panorama Cloud knows!

Working with panorama Cloud is so easy. Just follow the steps below to obtain your desired results:

  • Load one of more spectra
  • Select the app to run

Software Demo Videos

Review the following demo video sequences giving you a quick introduction into panorama Cloud's key features.

Getting Started

This video shows initial steps when starting panoramaCloud the first time after installation. You may choose your favorite app you want to try out and download it. The video shows how it works.

Open a file (Part 1)

This video shows how to open a file from a folder on your hard disc.

Open a file (Part 2)

This video shows how to open a file using the navigation bar.

Open multiple files

This video shows how to open multiple files at once from a folder on your hard disc.