Mixture Analysis

Our fast mixture analysis application decomposes liquid or solid material mixtures solely using IR or Raman spectra of your sample material. The identity, the number of involved ingredients and their relative concentration ratio is determined automatically within seconds.

Mixture analysis is ideal for

  • Identification of unknown ingredients
  • Verification of known ingredients
  • Impurity detection
  • Determination of the number of components in a mixture
  • Estimation of the relative concentration ratio of ingredients
  • all difficult cases where regular spectral library searching fails
Mixture analysis relies on pure compound spectral databases either provided by our business partner S.T. Japan-Europe GmbH or by creating your own custom libraries. You may define the scope of your mixture analysis application by choosing the appropriate databases.


Mixture analysis does not require expert knowledge in chemometrics or spectroscopy!
It is a straight forward and easy to use screening application being cheaper and faster than Chromatograhy or wet chemistry methods.

How to use it?

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