Get Live Remote Assistance NOW!

PREMIUM support customers may benefit from instant help or training from our experienced personnel. Upcoming questions or problems, e.g. during installation, can thus be solved within minutes.

How does it work?

Please follow the instructions below to get remote assistance for training or demo purposes.

  1. Click here to start downloading the Teamviewer tool.
    The tool is required to share your computer's desktop with our support team. This will establish a connection between your computer and the computer of our support team employee.
    NOTE: You will need internet access on the computer you are working on to get instant help!

  1. A window will pop up as shown on the right.
    Click "Run".

  1. Confirm that you trust the software in order to start it.
    Click "Run".

  1. Dial our phone number to speak to our support team employee while sharing your screen:
    +49 221 941 023 18

  1. Tell the ID number displayed in the Teamviewer logon screen to our support team employee to establish the connection to your computer.

    NOTE: We can only see your computer's desktop, but we do not have control over your computer! You need to grant us access to take over control over the mouse pointer.

How to become a PREMIUM support customer?

Contact us for your individual quotation to become a PREMIUM support member. For a minor annual fee, you will be able to contact us during our usual office times. We will try to solve your problems immediately.